Incognito Nano

We’re proud to introduce Incognito nano, our newest line of tampons designed to give women what they want (besides chocolate and cupcakes!).

We’ve put together a short, playful video with some neat special effects, just for you!

Watch it now!

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New absorption technology!

Inspired by a woman’s body, these tampons feature a compact plastic applicator and offer new absorption technology for better protection and comfort.

Not convinced? Read on!


Our team has thought of everything: Incognito nano tampons are available in four absorbencies to ensure every woman’s needs are covered.


Got concerns? We’ve got answers!

During my period, I need tampons with different absorbencies.

Incognito nano tampons come in four absorbencies: Light, Regular, Super and Super Plus. Our packages have different colours for each absorbency, so you can easily find the right one for you.

With the tampons I use now, insertion is uncomfortable/painful.

Incognito nano tampons have a plastic applicator with a rounded tip for easy, comfortable insertion.

Why change? The tampons I use now are just fine.

Lots of tampons shed fibres that can stay in your body once the tampon is removed. Incognito nano tampons have a protective veil that prevents this. Do yours?

Even though I use maximum absorbency tampons, I need to change them way too often.

Some tampons don’t absorb well and have to be changed frequently. Incognito nano tampons have central channels that quickly pull fluid inside the tampon for better protection. No more having to change your tampons all the time!

With the tampons I use now, I sometimes have leaks.

Some tampons expand only sideways, leaving unprotected areas where leakage occurs. Incognito nano tampons feature all-round expansion that fits your body perfectly. This means no leaks!

I’m pretty sensitive. I’m scared I might be allergic to tampons.

Because every woman is unique and reacts differently, there’s no easy answer to your concern. However, like all our products, Incognito nano tampons are free of dyes and fragrances, which are two potential allergens.

The tampons I use now aren’t very discreet. They’re too long, and the wrappers are noisy.

Incognito nano tampons are compact and fit neatly into small pockets. Plus, the wrappers are quiet and easy to open, making it easy for you to go incognito!

What if I try Incognito nano tampons and they’re not right for me?

No problem! If you’re not satisfied, we’ll reimburse you. That’s our satisfaction guarantee. Please see our packages for details.

If you have any other questions about Incognito nano tampons, ask us on Facebook or Twitter!